Monday, 6 January 2014

What is the Best Camper Size To Choose ?

What size camper do you need?

You need to ask yourself a few simple questions when deciding on size. You may feel you just want a camper to get away from things and that the idea of that may outway everything else. But the but is if you do not plan now you will regret it after a few uses as the flaws in your size choice will become all to apparent.

  1. How much money have i to do a conversion?
  2. how many are travelling in the camper?
  3. how many to sleep in the camper?
  4. how often will i use my camper?
  5. Will it be a part time camper?
  6. Does size really matter?

How much money have I to do the conversion? 

This is going to be your deciding one. Well it was for me! If you only have a few pounds your conversion is going to be smaller unless you have a van or a van lined up already. In my case I had my van already from by business, and as the work became more and more slack the van was not being used.
A Vehicle for me has to earn its keep if its sat on the drive its not cost effective. so it became a part time camper.

How many are travelling in the camper?

Again this is going to depend on the van size. The smaller the van the fewer the number of people. The seats need to be legal and have restraints as they would in any vehicle. The number if passengers does not always correspond to the number that your camper will sleep. My camper for example sleeps 2 its a bit tight but comfy and cosy. My van carries 3 passengers. one double passenger seat and one drivers seat.

It will also depend if you are having a permanent camper conversion as you may wish to fit rear seats with seatbelts (space permitting of course) to allow more people to sit in the back. (crew cab vans are ideal for this.)

How many to sleep in the camper?

As I said above the number legally travelling in the van may not necessarily be the number of sleeping occupants. You will need to decide how many will actually sleep in the van when choosing a design layout, this will then ultimately dictate the size of the van required.

How often will i use my camper?

If you are going use your camper every week? Every day as normal transport (think of the daily running costs compared to using another form of transport? car bike etc.) One or twice a year?
How much space it the van going to take up when your not using it? is it parked on the road or the drive?
If you cant afford to use it and the tax runs out it must be off the road so you dont get any extra bills on it like fines etc. 
Will it be a home? mine is like a second home. haha. Not realy but it does get used every day as transport.

Does size really matter?

Well if you have read all the above you will realise, yes it does. It really all comes down to if you have the money or the amount of money you are willing or able to spend. If you have plenty and want a big camper because you want the extra room and can afford the fuel then your laughing.
Unfortunately many are not in this category and a well orchestrated plan of attack will save you time and money in the longrun. 
A camper what is right on the wallet and write on the usage and design is the best camper you will ever have.

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