Monday, 3 February 2014

Insulating your Camper Van.

Campervan insulation and what to use?

When you insulate the inside of your van you are trying to not only keep it warm inside but to keep the cold and damp out in the colder weather.
The insulation will also helps to keep the heat out in the hotter months of the year. This insulation also makes the van quieter both from the vehicle itself and other outside noises.
When you are inside your van and heating it and breathing and cooking you are creating condensation.
Condensation will collect on any cold surface like glass, perspex or metal. The trick is to insulate this from getting to cold or it will condensate moisture.

I found the Best way to insulate my camper was to double insulate it, this being use tow types of insulation.

The first is in the picture above. It is a double sided foil with bubble wrap in the centre for insulation.

I stick the insulation to the side of the van with Everbuild CONSPRAY5 Stick 2 Spray Contact Adhesive 500 ml covering all the bare metal panels so there are no bare metal sections showing.

I talk about insulating your camper in this video.

I purchased this From Ebay on Rolls, I found the best search for such insulation was "Shed Insulation"

Most of the above insulation materials should be available from most builders merchants and DIY shops. If not then there are plenty of Web sites and suppliers online.

Once the foil insulation has been glued into place and all bare metal covered I then fill the void between the inner ply walls and the outside of the van.

There are kits available to buy where you get everything you need to do a self build insulation but I found this is the cheapest method and it works. The insulation sold by other companies probably is better quality but I have found that the normal fiberglass insulation is just as good just remember to wear a mask when fitting.

Here is a video from my friend Rick who has also done a self build. In this video he also shows you how he did it. In this video Rick uses a kit to do his but the principle is the same.

I mentioned earlier about the windows condensation also this can be minimized by Double glazed units or using insulated covers on the windows. This is covered in the 'what windows to choose section'.

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